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Books and Recordings available from Carol Stober, Box 1275, Talladega, AL  35161

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Autoharping the Gospels  (Book)

by Carol Stober

This book is an extension of Flatpickin' the Gospels by Steve Kaufman with autoharp arrangements written by Carol Stober. She makes it easy to learn these great gospel tunes on the autoharp! This book can be used to play chords along with singing, or for playing the melody solo. The arrangements are written as simply as possible to facilitate sight reading, so that you do not have to memorize the tune in order to play up to tempo. Complete lyrics are included. In notation and tablature.                     Price:   $14.99


Appalachian Autoharp   (Book)

taught by Carol Stober

The book, musician, entertainer, teacher, and recording artist Carol Stober provides melody lines, lyrics, chord symbols, and melody tablature for 35 tunes she learned in Appalachia. The stories woven through the music portray a mixture of life situations that were ever-present in the difficult struggle for survival of our ancestors. The lyrics of many of these songs, although sometimes harsh, give insight into the values of the Appalachian people.   Price $17.99

A cassette tape of each song is also available for $10.98


Latin American Autoharp (Book)

by Carol Stober

A collection of Latin American favorites presented for Autoharp melody performance or accompaniment to singing. Each song is presented with melody, lyrics and guitar chords. In addition autoharp chords and melody parts are shown. Another fine book by well-known authoharp performer and writer, Carol Stober.     Price   $17.99


Love Songs for Autoharp (Book)

by Carol Stober

A collection of favorites in easy-to-play arrangements for either autoharp melody solos, or basic rhythm accompaniment. The format can be easily understood by a novice autoharpist, as well as a more advanced skill-level musician. Each song includes standard melody notes, chord progressions, autoharp tablature, and lyrics for sight-reading a tune on the fly, or the information can be a helpful guide for play-by-ear enthusiasts. Since love is universal to all ages and stages of life, this book is a potpourri of songs about love, lost loves, longing for love, and a never-ending desire to be loved by someone.   Price $14.99


Cowboy Songs for Autoharp by Carol Stober  (Book)  Price $14.95

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This book is a collection of cowboy oldies and a few unfamiliar new tunes to play on the autoharp. It includes notes, chords, and easy to follow autoharp tablature as well as all lyrics. Drawings created by a real Texas cowboy and original poetry from several authors enhance the true flavor of the cowboy spirit. It was exactly the book I needed to spur my enthusiasm for learning some new autoharp techniques. I recommend this book to anyone of any skill level from basic beginner rhythm playing to more advanced melody playing on the instrument.


Country Sampler  (CD, cassette, or album)        Price $9.95

Bury Me Beneath the Willow, Wildwood Flower, The Old Piano, Amazing Grace, Titanic, Walnut Valley Keeps Calling Me, Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain, Feeling Good About Feeling Bad, Grandma's Escapade, Who's Gonna Shoe Your Pretty Little Foot, Sorrow in the Wind, Walnut Valley Dreamland


Cyber Kid  (CD) or (cassette titled Rebekah, Down Home Family Band)  (Children’s songs)  Price $9.95

Children especially  like this CD or cassette because it has a child voice of  6 year old Rebekah Stober

Tunes include Down Home Family Band, I’m Gonna Tell, Jenny Jenkins, Rain Drops, Lost All My Money, Somewhere  out There, Just Another Rebel, Down By The Bay, Freight Train, Little Blue Man, I’ll Miss You Forever

Patchwork (cassette)   Price $7.50

Autoharp, guitar, and vocals by Carol Stober, Harmony vocals by Jackie Stober, and Bowed Psaltery by Gregg Schneeman. 

Songs include:  I Never Will Marry, Beauty In Tears/The Ash Grove, Devil’s Dream, Jogging Old Woman, Haste to the Wedding, What Part Was Your Plan, Little Rosewood Casket, Golden Slippers, Scarborough Fair, Ode To Joy, One Dat At A Time.

Easy Autoharp For Beginners   (DVD or VHS format)               Price $29.95

Easy to understand, step-by-step lessons will work for anyone from age 5 to 95.  Lesson topics include tuning, quick chord changes, two and three chord songs like Skip to My Lou, Down in the Valley, Shady Grove, and many others.  So turn on your TV and start having fun.


Song titles include:  Down in the Valley, Hush Little Baby, Kum Ba Yah, Old Joe Clark, Old MdDonald, On Top of Old Smokey, Shady Grove, She’ll be Coming Round The Mountain, Shenendoah, Skip to My Lou


Melodic Autoharp    (DVD or VHS format)                Price $29.95

If you would like to play the melodies of favorite songs on the autoharp, this video is for you!  Carol Stober takes you step by step from basic accompaniment patterns to advanced melodic solos.  Includes ear training tips for the play by ear students as well as tablature and note for sight readers.


Song titles include:  All The Good Times, Angel Band, Bile Them Cabbage, Blue Ridge Mountain Home, Cripple Creek, Gold Watch and Chain, Prayer Bells of Heaven, What Child Is This


All books include the extra chord changes to play melody, and tablature showing the easiest way to play the melody using pinches.    Tunes are in  various keys because different autoharp models have different chord bars, and skill level will vary with some songs written for beginners and some for intermediate level players.  Eventually it should be possible to play every tune from cover to cover or choose favorites.

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